A Yeti
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I would like to thank the following projects:

Jabberbeans The Java Jabber library Jeti started with, since then replaced with my own library.
Tray Icon Used to put Jeti in the windows system tray. It will be replaced by SysTray for Java so it also works on KDE.
The look and feels on Javootoo.com, they make java look nice ;-)

I would also like to thank the following projects and resources:

JabberFor making Jabber
Sun for making Java available for free
The Eclipse project for making an excellent open source IDE
The people on Java.net and on the java Forums Java Search. Without the massive amount of examples and solutions available there, programming would be a lot more difficult
And of course there is the sum of human knowledge available from Google and Usenet

Last but not least I want to thank you as users of Jeti, specially those who have donated, submitted bugs or requested features. Special thanks go to the first Jeti user, Tim Verweij, who used Jeti even before I did. He found many bugs and requested many features to make Jeti the best Instant Messenger ever.